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In the Beginning…

This is an attempt to give an account of my personal philosophy from the ground up. I’m doing this primarily for myself. I want a map of my brain. Also, in the event that anyone reads anything on this blog, I’d like them to have a map of my brain as well. I would hate for anyone to read any of this and go, “Maybe if I knew what this asshole thought about the nature of existence, I could decipher this gobbledy-gook he calls an essay about the effects of the Punic Wars on 9th wave feminism?”
Unfortunately, this is going to be a less than exhaustive effort, cos I got shit to do.  However, shit to do notwithstanding, this will hopefully keep me philosophically consistent, but failing that, it will give you enough to see where I went wrong.  Along with my thoughts and such, I will attempt to provide a partial account of the literature/film/music/experiences that I think led me to take up those thoughts.
Enjoy this handy bulleted list!
  1. Epistemology & Metaphysics

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